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Maharishi Lands of World Peace

Maharishi Vedic Farms

Maharishi Vedic Farms are being developed as a global programme to eliminate poverty. Maharishi Vedic Farms are the ‘Lands of World Peace’, because Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is a programme based on life energy, life-force, and the intelligence of life which naturally, silently, in the most peaceful way, administers the evolutionary process of life in the plant kingdom.

All these  ‘Lands of World Peace’—patches of land with maximum fertility, lively nourishing power—will together form the nucleus of Maharishi ’s Global Country of World Peace. We are your choice for pure honey (available now), and fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, grains, sesame (coming soon). We can grow for you: we can grow your chosen variety of organic fruit and vegetables.



We welcome you to make an exclusive arrangement with us so that you can be our sole agent in your country.