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Bees of Brazil produce our especially nourishing blossom honey supported by Vedic Knowledge—Natural Law-based farming technologies—of India.

The Vedic Knowledge of India upholds Natural Law on all levels of production, enhancing the healthy, nourishing quality of Maharishi honey.

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Honey Can Really Be Organic!
A representative of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture involved in market research recounts his finding:

I work in the marketing division of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, and recently I have been involved in doing market research on organic honey in the USA. As I spoke with salespeople working in health food stores, I realized that many of them share a similar point of view where organic honey is concerned: since bees are free to fly wherever they want to, they're really is no such thing as 'organic' honey these days.

After hearing this opinion voiced several times, I thought I had better call the branch of my company that is located in South America where the honey is being produced. I asked them the very same question:

Can honey really be organic?

'Yes" was their reply.They told me that in order for honey to be considered organic, there are certain requirements that must be met:

1. The land surrounding the bee hives must be certified organic by a registered certification agency (our's is IMO). Many people do no realize that bees only fly within five kilometers of their hive and so it is possible to ensure that their environment is organic.

Our bees are wild, choosing to fly into the hives we provide for them and free to collect their nectar from the surrounding acres and acres of virgin forest, rich in its variety of tropical flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

2. The foundation wax that we use has to either be organic or be tested to be sure it does not contain any residues of medication give to bees or agro chemicals.

The honey itself must be tested to be sure it does not contain any residues of pesticides or other pollutants.The wax and honey from Maharishi Vedic Farms are sent to a laboratory in Germany that specializes in testing bee products, to guarantee that they meet these stringent organic standards.

The honey from Maharishi Vedic Farms not only meets all of these qualifications, which ensures an absence of chemical, but it surpasses these standards. It is gathered from swarms of bees humming among the virgin forest flowers on Maharishi Vedic Farms.

The bees thrive in an environment saturated with the nourishing influence of Natural Law because Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture allows the full creative potential of Natural Law to be expressed on every level of agriculture.

After speaking with my company, I came away with the conclusion that not only can honey be can be— MAHARISHI VEDIC ORGANIC.

Footnote: Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture stands for the highest level of purity and nourishing power. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture naturally enlivens the nourishing, evolutionary qualities of the Laws of Nature fundamental to the growth of the plant and the nutrients within it.