Maharishi Honey
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Rasayana - Rejuvenating

Nourishing, Enriching, Fulfilling
Maharishi Honey offers a unique combination of nutritional benefits containing a wide array of vitamins, essential minerals, and amino acids. Maharishi Honey is especially rich in several compounds that function as antioxidants to maintain good health, and has antibacterial properties which add to its health-promoting quality.

New research on the vital quality of Maharishi Honey, using picture-forming methods, reconfirms that Maharishi Honey is an especially rare, unique, high quality honey.
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Traditional Uses
According to the most ancient texts of Vedic Medicine—Ayur-Veda—Honey (Madhu) is easily digestible; it improves digestion. It is good for the eyes (vision); good for the voice, and gives suppleness to the physiology. It enters into the minute pores and purifies and cleanses the channels (Shrotas) of the physiology.

"Honey bestows contentment, good colour—complexion. It improves intelligence and is curative. It cures many types of diseases and is very nourishing. In Ayur-Veda it is also called Rasayana because of its rejuvenating action in the physiology."
—Bhava-Prakash Samhita, Madhu Varga, Chapter 6.22

For Good Health

From Ancient Vedic Science
Requirement for Health
In the ancient Vedic Science of Health (Ayur-veda) honey is prescribed, in small quantities, for balancing* the three fundamental ** factors that regulate all physiological processes and uphold the normal functioning of the body, maintain good health, and promote longevity.

From Modern Science
Recognition of the health-promoting and healing qualities of honey are not new. Honey has been prized for centuries, not only for its sweet taste, but for its healing and curative qualities. Now researchers worldwide are studying and finding strong antimicrobial*** (antibacterial) healing properties in some honeys, Journal of Applied Microbiology 93: 857-863, 2002; and recently researchers have confirmed that honey (darker honey more than light honey) significantly raises the antioxidant**** levels in the blood (University of Illinois in Urbana, Champaign, USA).

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (the equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved honey as a medicine in 1999.

* Sushrut Samhita, Sutrasthanam XLV.56
**Vata, Pitta, Kapha—Vedic Terminology for physiological diagnosis
*** Heat-processing in most non-organic honeys would probably eliminate any antibacterial properties.
**** Antioxidants counteract the damaging effect of free-radicals—a major cause of imbalance and disease.

For more information refer to Honey Research.